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Oxalus is a special NFT Aggregator that enables users to gain maximum profits at the lowest costs. Our mission is to make skinning the game easy and fun for users and developers.

Our Story

As you did, we encountered challenges when entering the NFT market. There are still many gaps in the existing markets. With backgrounds in finance, data, and crypto, we aim to create a breakthrough solution by addressing the following pain points:

  • Difficulties comparing prices and finding the best-priced NFTs
  • Spending too much on gas
  • Inconvenience switching between devices
  • A lack of in-depth analysis can lead to poor decisions
  • Difficulties keeping track of your watchlist and receiving alerts

Our Products

  • NFT Aggregator: Truly Your Profitable NFT Aggregator
  • Wallet: Truly your NFT wallet
  • Games: The one-stop platform for NFT game


  • NFT Aggregator on BNB Chain
  • Buy NFT in the mobile app
  • NFT Aggregator on multiple chain
  • Buy NFT with multiple token
  • Affiliate programs
  • Buy NFT with fiat
  • In-depth analytics packages
  • Recommended assets
  • Launchpad integration

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